Differential pressure transmitter feel FDP

The differential pressure transmitter feel FDP is perfectly suited for the precise measurement of finest differential pressures for filter monitoring, volume flow control or room pressure monitoring. Accuracies of ± 0.2% are achieved due to the precision sensor element and high-resolution measurement electronics. Parameters such as measuring range, unit or output signal can be adapted to the on-site conditions by the user via DIP switch, Bluetooth or software. For applications with high demands on long-term stability, the Auto-Zero option offers measured value stability over years. A high-resolution 2.8" TFT display can be selected as an option. A snap-in frame and all mounting accessories are supplied for convenient commissioning.

Technische Features

  • Messung feinster Differenzdrücke bis 0… 25 Pa möglich
  • Höchste Genauigkeiten bis zu 0,2% v.EW.
  • Optimale Langzeitstabilität von ≤ 0,1 % v.EW/Jahr
  • 8-fach umschaltbare Messbereiche
  • 2,8“-TFT-Farbdisplay
  • Automatisch umschaltbare Ausgangssignale
  • Optional mit RS485-Modbus-Schnittstelle
  • Parametrisierung via DIP-Schalter, USB oder Bluetooth

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