The awareness of high indoor air quality is higher than ever. More and more measurement parameters are being recorded and evaluated to assess air quality, on the one hand to guarantee consistently high air hygiene and on the other to operate ventilation systems with maximum efficiency. For a long time, differential pressure measurement technology was the central core business of FSM Messtechnik. In the meantime, we offer measuring transducers and systems for all relevant climate and air quality parameters such as humidity, temperature, CO2, VOC or volume flow. With our individually configurable measuring systems, single parameters or the combination of up to five measured variables can be recorded and displayed in one device. For each measurand, the best-performing sensor in its class is used and a specially developed calibration procedure is applied at the Kirchzarten factory to achieve the best possible measurement accuracy. With our portfolio of indoor air transmitters, we aim to help deliver fresh air indoors more sustainably and efficiently.