Differential pressure transmitter DPS

Our pressure transmitter DPS offers flexibility without end.
With the DPS, negative pressures, positive pressures and differential pressures can be measured. The pressure values can be configured individually and thus offer highest comfort. Due to the solid mechanics and the wear-free inductive measuring system, our DPS promises low maintenance and increased long-term stability. The DPS offers a highly accurate measurement and is at the same time very robust. This allows the use in the laboratory and under industrial conditions. Our pressure transmitter DPS is thus used in a wide range of applications, such as monitoring pressure conditions in clean rooms or in machines and plants. 

Technische Features

Messbereich (Differenz- und Absolutdruck möglich) 0 - 1000 hPa
Gesamtgenauigkeit (v. EW) 1 % (optional 0,5 %, 0,2 %)
Langzeitstabilität (v. EW pro Jahr) ≤ 0,5 %
Temperaturdrift (v. EW pro K) ≤ 0,3 %
Versorgungsspannung 24 VDC (230 VAC, 115 VAC)
Ausgangssignal 0 - 10 V, 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA
Option LCD Display, Edelstahlgehäuse, Grenzkontakte

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